Thread: Desktop.ini in DVD and CDs

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    Desktop.ini in DVD and CDs

    Folks I tried to save some music in a DVD and now when I try to check the media contents all I have is a Desktop.ini file on it still the operating system reports the media to have the right amount of occupied space (there should be files which I cant see thou). I tried to burn it both in windows and linux still it does not work. Any ideas? Is my burner dying?

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    Is it "really" on the disk, or did Explorer just fake it for your convenience.

    Perhaps check your burner setup to make sure it's writing the correct format. You might be burning a few hundred meg, but if you get the file system wrong it will just look like occupied space.
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    Music CDs

    Music CDs are generally not browsable from a standard PC/filesystem standpoint so while your files may be on there, you may not be able to see them with a standard file browser. Desktop.ini is Win-specific so I don't know what that is doing there, it certainly doesn't belong on a music CD...hint: I would try looking at your output with a CD ripper or other tool designed for looking at music CDs. Also, does your output play in a standard (non-PC) CD player?
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