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    Hard Drive Beeping

    I have a 1 TB SATA hard drive that I used by hooking it up to an enclosure. This in turn puts out a USB output.

    Today I stupidly set the drive with the enclosure on the end of my counter, and what do you know, I knock it off. I then hook it up to my PC again and hear a soft beep every 3 seconds, the signs of a bad hard drive. I then checked to see if my enclosure was good by hooking up another drive and it works just fine. So that narrowed it down to just the HDD.

    By any chance does anyone know of any unconventional ways getting this back in working order, even just once? The data isn't important enough to pay to retrieve, but it would be nice to have it back.

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    If the hard drive uses a single platter and you've got the hands of a surgeon (and a Torx screwdriver), you might be able to get your data back by purchasing an identical drive and swapping the platters. You'd only have a very short amount of time to recover your data before the hard drive fails again and you're left with two broken hard drives. If you're dealing with a hard drive with multiple platters, you'll never be able to align them correctly without professional tools, so don't bother.
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