Thread: REALbasic any good?

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    REALbasic any good?

    So I randomly a 'Ads by Google' on here and saw this REALbasic thing, so I decided to take a look and it looked interesting. So now I want to know if anyone on here knows anything about this? Has anyone any experience with this?
    It supports C++, using some SDK and it promises that it halves the development time (havn't I heard that one before :P) and it is cross platform, looks interesting.

    here are some links:

    REAL Software: REALbasic for C++ Developers
    REAL Software: REALbasic, Best Development Tool for Mac, Windows and Linux
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    I recently had to decide between Realbasic and Visual Basic.

    The RB website says there are something like 100,000 RB users worldwide, if my memory serves me correctly. VB probably has millions of users worldwide.

    I decided to go with Visual Basic. More users means more resources dedicated to it, more books, more forums, more sample code, more everything.
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    It failed to interest me. I don't see where it offers any advantages and it would require learning a new syntax. There really isn't anything that C++ can't do so why would I switch?

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    We used REALBasic in high school programming class. I feel it's more like a "teach your kid how to program" kind of language, instead of a "real" programming environment. I guess it's simple and it works.

    You can draw circles and lines with very simple code, but that's about it. It has too little support (third party libraries, etc) to do anything serious, because no one uses it. And it lacks a lot of the more advanced features of languages like C++.

    And it costs a ton.

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    When you find that a language is working against you in a project rather than with you it is time to switch languages. I have felt this way with all versions of Basic.

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    BASIC stands for "Beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code."

    Enough said.
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