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    Hey guys,

    I developing an application where i need to send and receive SMS from a PC. I'm a kinda stuck of were to start. Is there a library/API which i could use. I'm on windows platform.

    I know about the AT command approach and the only probably which I'm having is connecting to the device through an hypertermial and i;m not very sure of the AT+CMGW command are supported or implemented as a protocol stack on the device which i have. I suppose i could use few AT command to find if they d support. But before that i need to connect to the device. I use iphone 3Gs.

    Or is there a free service which i could use, API ? which connects to the SGRS gateway straight?

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    You could use email. It might not be the prettiest solution though especially since you'll need the provide the service provider.

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    Any SMS service provider will have an API available for its customers. Those APIs however are provider specific, so contact your service provider for more information.

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