Thread: Reformatting Multi-Boot Drive

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    Reformatting Multi-Boot Drive

    I have a multi-boot P.C., drive "C" Win'98,
    drive "D" Win' XP, drive "E" Ubuntu.

    I want to reformat drive "C."

    When the P.C. boots, it boots with the choice
    of using the arrow keys to navigate to Windows,
    otherwise it will boot into "E" Ubuntu.

    The reformat is no problem; but to reinstall
    Win'98 after the reformat:I have to shut down
    the P.C., insert the start up floopy into drive
    "A" and restart.

    My question now is, where will it boot to, with
    the floppy inserted? Will I have to boot normally,
    then use the arrow keys to get to the "C" partition,
    then insert the floppy disk? How is this done?

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    You can set the boot order in BIOS.

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