Thread: USB-controlled AC Power?

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    USB-controlled AC Power?


    I am in the market for an AC-AC adapter with a USB interface to allow me to remotely control whether it's on or off. This is required for controlling power to a device where little (and big) hands cannot touch.

    Literally, I just want it so that I can click an icon or a button on a window to select on or off. searching Google has resulted in me finding mostly things about using the USB power itself as a signal (so devices turn on when a computer turns on), but this would not be appropriate for my needs. I've also learned that it would require an electromechanical relay to switch the power, but I've got no desire to burn horribly as a result of trying to build this with insufficient electrical safety training.

    Any ideas?

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    Have you looked into X10 appliance module to power a power bar... since there are now X10 Computer Interface - USB version around. But maybe that solution is too costly.

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