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    Transactional I/O

    I've been looking on line but haven't found any text that describes transactional I/O. Can someone provide me with a brief example or point me in the direction of an explanation/example please?

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    A transaction is a "unit" of processing that can be made up of several different operations. It is a unit, because all operations that make it must succeed for the transaction to be successful. Otherwise -- if at least one of the operations fail -- the whole transaction fails. It is thus said the transaction is an atomic unit of processing.

    So, Transactional IO will probably describe Input and Output operations that are done through transactions. There's heaps of examples I could give you... maybe this one:

    If you have a stock management application and a sales application when you input a new sale of a Summer Laced Straw Hat - Red, you will want to reduce the stock of this item in your stocks. Both the sale operation and the stock reduction may go into a transaction, insuring that if one of the operations fail, none will succeed.
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