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    Anirban Ghosh
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    Partition QUERY

    Can I merge C drive and drive in XP? In C, XP is installed and D is just for other things as usual...

    How much space is needed from VISTA ULTIMATE SP2?

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    You can't merge two partitions together. You can copy the stuff from one partition to the other, and then delete partition you no longer need.

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    Be careful though, merging partitions wont adjust system & app settings. Dont be surprised if nothing works after merging

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    Anirban Ghosh
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    Actually I have only 11.7 GB in C not so suitable for VISTA..
    So I want to extend it by taking space from D
    D is 10.7 GB.
    I want to split D - give 5 GB to C and keep 5 GB in D.

    Any solution for this????

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    Well i would try something like this,
    1)Backup the important data from D so that you don't lose any data in D.

    2)Using a free partition manager like GParted Live CD,
    i)Format the drive D so that C and D have the same type of file system(FAT32/NTFS).
    ii)Now Merge the partitions as you wish.

    I think this might work if C and D are adjacent partitions in the hard disk. Also keep in mind what Fordy mentioned in #3.
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    You could probably find a disk twice the size, and with better throughput, in the bargain bin down at the store.

    Having shelled out a load of $ for Vista Ultimate (why?), a few extra notes on a decent HD (and maybe pad your machine out to 2GB RAM) would be a worthwhile investment.
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