Thread: Port Forwarding 2 routers

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    Port Forwarding 2 routers

    I have 2 routers and I can't get port forwarding to configure properly through them.
    The chain is:
    Modem-> Linksys WRT54G (router 1) -> Linksys BESFR41 (router 2).
    Router number 1 has the IP:
    Router number 2 has the IP

    Configuration of Router number 1: The letters a,b,c are the same number in each instance

    Configuration for Router 2:

    This is the forwarding info on Router number 1:

    This is the forwarding info for Router 2 where is the static ip of my computer:

    I don't know what I have set wrong and it is really frustrating not being able to open ports pretty much. My firewall is turned completely off to eliminate any issue.

    DHCP has been disabled on both routers and my External IP is set to Static by my ISP but I can't get internal (LAN) static IP's setup where I can forward ports correctly.

    If you can help me figure out the flaw in my setup please reply.

    My computer is awesome.

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    What is this GW setting for the 192.168.2.x subnet on the first router? Looks very suspisios

    Seems to me all packets sent from the 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x subnets are forwarded to this GW and never transferred to the Internet...

    Is your ping from to working?
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