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    virtual page question

    An other, question how do I figure how many bits are needed for an offset, how many physical page and how many virtual pages. again using 8 bit addressing. 64 bits phyical memory and a page size is 16 bytes.

    This what I think I have.

    5 bits for the offet.

    for the virtual page, 2^8= 256, then 256/16 for 16 virtual pages

    Physical pages are 7.

    Am I right or totally wrong?

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    64 bits phyical memory
    That's definitely wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CornedBee View Post
    That's definitely wrong.
    the 64 bits of physical memory was given by my professor. He knows that it is not realistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uscuba2 View Post
    64 bits phyical memory and a page size is 16 bytes.
    16 bytes = 128 bits = twice as much memory as you've got.
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    Perhaps it's meant to be 64 BYTES?

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    Uh, are we sure the instructor doesn't mean a 64-bit address space? In other words a memory size of 2^64?

    64 bits is 8 bytes. Yet a page size of 16 bytes? That's nonsense. I have to believe he meant 2^64 bytes, not 64 bits.
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