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    Post release don`t appear

    hi i write a program to determine the type of IBM and bios level ,the compiler indicate 0 error but nothing appear in release ; this my prog
    void main(void)
     { union REGS r;
       struct SREGS s;
       unsigned char tip;
       r.h.ah = 0xC0;
       int86x(0x15, &r, &r, &s);
       tip = peekb(, r.x.bx + 2);
       printf("computer model:\n");
         { case 0xFF: printf("Origin IBM PC\n"); break;
           case 0xFE: printf("IBM PC XT or portativ PC\n"); break;
           case 0xFD: printf("IBM PC jr\n"); break;
           case 0xFC: printf("IBM PC AT (or XT model 286"
                              " or PS/2 model 50/60)\n"); break;
           case 0xFB: printf("IBM PC XT с 640K memory "
                             "mother bord\n"); break;
           case 0xFA: printf("PS/2 model 30\n"); break;
           case 0xF9: printf("Convertible PC\n"); break;
           case 0xF8: printf("PS/2 model 80\n"); break;
           default:   printf("Unknown type IBM PC\n");
       printf("\n Kod submodel %X\n", peekb(, r.x.bx + 3));
       printf("\n BIOS LEVEL %X\n", peekb(, r.x.bx + 4));

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    Are you running this in real original DOS or in a Command Prompt on Windows - if the latter, it is highly likely that you don't get anything because you can't necessarily read the BIOS memory from a Windows command prompt.

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