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    Blender Newbie...

    This is just for future reference, but I just started using blender and I've got the python all working right with it but I have no intention of learning python while I'm still taking c++ (that's a whole other level of multitasking for me) however I noticed in my Bloodshed that I recieved an update for python. Please explain this as though you were talking to a first year computer science major (cause that's what I am.) Can I compile python Scripts from my Bloodshed or does it even go as far as translation? I'm not holding my breath on the latter but <shrug> Well, any info is apreciated.

    Also: what is preferable? An engine with some script support or using an engine sort of on the sideline and focus more on scripting the actual gameparameters (a method only for the experienced I'm sure.) Tell, tell.

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    This has nothing to do with game programming.

    Moved to Tech board.

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