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    Bluetooth Questions

    Hey all,

    I've been trying to use bluetooth for video game controllers

    I have the WIDCOMM drivers installed on my computer, and they are able to detect the controller as PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller but when I connect to it there is this "pairing"

    "Use following PIN code on PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller to perform Bluetooth Pairing. - XXXXXXX"

    I can't enter this code on the controller --
    Apparently there's a program 'BtSix' that does this pairing for me, but it requires that I use 'FreeBT' drivers

    The document to install the FreeBT drivers is here: - Open Source Bluetooth stack for Windows

    I was stupid lol, I 'updated' the WIDCOMM drivers to the FreeBT drivers and it worked and I could use the playstation controllers with XInput and stuff lol, but then I tried using some other Bluetooth utilities and it almost totalled my computer!

    I have an internal Dell 370 Bluetooth USB Minicard, Broadcom Bluetooth WIDCOMM drivers, Windows XP

    Any suggestions on how to get FreeBT installed or the pairing to work otherwise? Thanks

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    Hmmm -- I noticed that when it worked it just worked -- like XInput recognized the device instantly -- I wonder if I could map like cell phone buttons to XInput parameters as a controller device

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    You don't always need a key to pair your devices or the device you are trying to connect to can provide the key for you. Might be useful to know in the future.
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