Thread: Composite vs Decorator pattern?

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    Composite vs Decorator pattern?

    I need to create a class derived from net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.Publisher which contains a list of objects of that same interface class and just calls the function in one of the objects in the list depending on the input.
    Ex. If it's trying to send an E-mail to people who prefer Text Only E-mails, it calls a Publisher class that sends in only Plain Text, otherwise it sends using the HTMLEmailPublisher class...

    From the UML diagrams on these pages, I believe it's a Composite pattern that I'm talking about, but someone else seems to think it's a Decorator. Any thoughts on who is right?

    Composite pattern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Decorator pattern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    From what I've seen, the decorator pattern is an "unstructured tree". You take an object, wrap it it another object, put that object in another. So on and so on. Almost like a russian doll. Then you call the interface method on it and it executes all of the items bubbling down to the center.

    If you only care that a certain object has certain properties and it doesn't matter the order, the decorator pattern seems the a good choice.

    With the Composite, it's more structured. You have base items and composite items. A composite can contain more than one item, while the leaf is on it's own. A tree-like pattern if you will

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