Thread: Sub-Domains | Is there a Way to Do This Online

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    Sub-Domains | Is there a Way to Do This Online

    Hey Guys,
    Well I know making sub-Domains is possible and Its pretty easy as well.
    Well what I wanted to know is Can one make Sub-Domains Online?
    Well,What I mean to say Is,can a person make sub-Domains via a Website Rather than a Control panel.

    I mean Is there a way where we can actually make direct changes to the /htdocs directory via The url(

    For Example:
    I want to make a sub-domain to
    The sub-Domain is
    and I want to do this through and not the control Panel.

    I know this is a tricky subject but any leads would Help.

    It there a way to do this is C/C++ or another Language?

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    I believe that's all handled by your host's DNS servers - so unless you host yourself (and if you use a Control Panel, I'm guessing you don't) it's up to your host how they let you do this. And I wouldn't use C/C++ for this - if you were connecting remotely to a DNS server, you'd probably use OpenSSH or something. (I'm by no means an expert - these are just my "best guesses")

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