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    Problems with touchpad...

    I've been playing Urban Terror a lot lately, and I'm getting totally slaughtered. Granted, it might just be that I suck, but I doubt it. I'm playing on my laptop - and I'm thinking that it's because my touchpad isn't as responsive as I think it is - for most games I can and try to use the keyboard entirely.

    I'm using a Dell 1525 - and the touchpad looks like its made out of the same material as all the other surfaces on the inner sides. Sometimes it just freezes up completely - regardless of how much or how little pressure I put on it when I drag, it won't recognize any motion - which is really annoying.

    I always use the keyboard about as much as you possibly can, but does anybody else have this problem? It seems like it only happens when my skin's really dry - but I wouldn't have thought that moisture would make much of a difference. I thought it was just pressure sensitive.

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    Are you having the issue only when you are in the game or always?
    I'm assuming the touchpad has a separate driver associated with it (mine does). You could try updating/re-installing it. I doubt it will fix it, but it's worth trying.

    I don't know about your laptop, but the keyboard and touchpad on my laptop probably wouldn't last a month of any hard core gaming. They just aren't made to stand that much abuse (at least mine isn't). So, it could be a possibility that the touchpad is just going bad. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse for almost everything I do on my laptop.
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    No - I have the problem pretty consistently. I noticed within the first couple of days of buying my laptop, but I use the keyboard for almost everything, so it really hasn't bothered me (at least not _this_ particular quick - other quirks have, but I fixed 'em). I'm just complaining about it now, because I have to have the mouse for the game, and it's a very crucial part of game play! I've got a USB mouse lying around somewhere - I'm gonna give that a try.

    Another possibility is that it might just be that I'm not on a firm enough surface for it feel the pressure - I'll make a note of what I'm working on top of when it freezes up. Maybe if I sit at the table like I'm supposed to it won't be a problem!

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