Thread: Codeblocks crashes linux?

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    Codeblocks crashes linux?

    I have a quite "funny" problem with codeblocks. I am running Debian 5.0 (lenny) on a 2.6.26-2 kernel and sometimes when i try to run a program through codeblocks my computer just shuts off, like the power has been cut.

    The only time this happends is when i use codeblocks and it seems to have something to do with how codeblocks runs an application. It seems like this issue is centralized around when I try to launch the program I have compiled through codeblocks.

    The config i used for codeblocks was debug, I have tried it when programming using both SDL and GTK libraries and it has happened with both libraries. I have no entries in the syslog.

    It isnt that annoying to me because I have found out how amazing vim can be instead but it is still annoying, where I have found no such issue.

    Anybody else has similar issues?

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    Yeah, i think code blocks has issues, IIRC I had a similar issue with it. You should try rebuilding it from the source.

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