Thread: Installing IBM Java Software

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    Installing IBM Java Software

    I get to the last step of installing the IBM rational software modeler, after it says "remote help is enabled by default in this program, you can reconfigure it later if you want" (no option to disable it) and pressing next spits out a million copies of this error:

    Validation of Eclipse installation configuration failed because it has unsatisfied bundle constraints
    Required bundle "org.eclipse.datatools.modelbase.sql" not found for bundle "org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.msft.sqlserv er"

    I've got to do UML modeling by wednesday and we've all got lives but my lord this sucks, I'd rather have this installed on my computer than to use the computer lab

    How should I proceed? I can give more info too

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    i find it strange.what has eclipse got to do with IBM rational?
    Did you try installing it without the eclipse packages if the installation has an "advanced" or "custom" options?
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