Thread: Java courses (which to take)?

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    Java courses (which to take)?

    It looks like I can't avoid it any longer... I'm going to have to do some Web/GUI Java programming.

    So far the most I've done with Java is write stand-alone console apps (some multi-threading & simple network communication), but I need to write and/or modify Tomcat web applications and the code looks like Chinese to me. I've been trying to read some of the Apache Tomcat documentation... but it's not explaining things very well and it's putting me to sleep.

    I found some courses that might be useful, but I can probably only take 1 (or maybe 2) at a time:

    Do they sound useful for someone with my Java background, and which order do you think I should take them in?
    Either that or does anyone have links to any good Java tutorial sites to learn these types of things that is easy for Java beginners?
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    8,895 has some good tutorials on servlet and JSP programming.
    Myself, I learned JSP from a book, but unfortunately I can't remember who published it.
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    You may also want to look at which has some interesting tutorials and links regarding the subject.
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