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    Suggest a book

    Okay guys I think I've got a stupid question but well.. never mind me. Currently I'm learning C++ from the book C++ Primer Plus I'm almost done and I want to continue studying with the book The C++ Programming Language by Stroustrup himself. After I understand the C++ basics and I dare to call myself an intermediate C++ programmer I want to learn C. Now the question is whether I shall choose either C Primer Plus or The C Programming Language.

    Enclosing, I have a question about the C Programming Language, the book is published in 1988 so I expect that it covers ANSI C (C89), will it be useful now that C99 is the current standard and will it be compatible with C99. And is it a good book for C starters with C++ experience?


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    There aren't that many differences between C89 and C99 that you really have to worry about it. Of course, a book printed in 1988 will not have the FULL C89 standard, as the standard was not complete (but very close, so any differences is probably in the obscure details).

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    Speaking of standards, is there much difference between the C99 draft, and actually C99 standard?

    The standard costs US$30, so if the draft(which can be found for free online) is not much different, one could save a bit of money.

    EDIT: The draft standards can be found here:
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