Thread: Screen Resolution:1280x1024 Optimum mode-Ubuntu boot problem

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    Screen Resolution:1280x1024 Optimum mode-Ubuntu boot problem

    After trying Linux from usb, I decided to install it to one of my hard drives.
    After installing the Intrepid Ibex Ubuntu to my disk, when I rebooted to login for the first time the following problem occurs.
    Grub loads up, followed by booting to linux after which monitor shows the following error:
    "Not Optimum mode
    Recommended mode:1280x1024"
    This error message floats around the screen and after which some weird things happen.

    The Login screen appears but the gui doesn't accept any input from keyboard or mouse.
    I restarted 4 or 5 times and each time the same thing happens.

    I tried to enter into grub menu but it has only 3 items which are like:
    1.Boot into ubuntu.
    2.Boot into ubuntu using recovery mode.
    3.Test memory using memtest86.

    Well as only the second option would make any sense to this problem, I tried this but it doesn't have any choice to change the screen resolution too.
    Now I am stumped and don't know how to change the screen resolution without booting into linux.
    I am using ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series chipset.

    Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Hmm... I was able to change the resolution once, after panicing and freaking out on the keyboard :P but it could also have been some time based resolution change for me, I dunno xP
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    Did you try editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?

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