Thread: Getting back file names?

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    Getting back file names?

    Hello there,
    I am new to this forum and I have a problem that i hope i can find a solution for in here.

    The database for an E-Filing software crashed, I was able to retrieve all the files back, but not in the structure they were in (Cabinets, Drawers, etc.. )

    The files are PDFs. They were named in the format of a five digit number, which represents the invoice number (invoices are scanned, saved as PDFs, filed into the program, each document is named by the invoice # itself is)

    I found the files in memory in a specific format that the E-Filing software uses. I used a conversion tool provided by the software vendor to convert them back to PDFs.
    After i retrieved the PDFs, all files were renamed. Now they have a new 8 digit name that is totally different than the original name. The conversion tool provided an Excel sheet that has the old name and the new name in two columns.

    My question is, is it possible to write code (please suggest a language) to read the "new name" from the excel sheet, look it up in the retrieved files, and rename that file with the "old name". I would do it manually, but i have 10989 files :S

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Use excel to do File->Save As... and choose a text file format like .csv
    Those are very simple to read.
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    To me this sounds like a job for a batch file/shellscript.

    In Windows, the command is called RENAME.

    You need a text file that is structured like

    RENAME oldfile newfile
    RENAME oldfile newfile
    RENAME oldfile newfile
    RENAME oldfile newfile
    RENAME oldfile newfile
    RENAME oldfile newfile
    RENAME oldfile newfile

    Name the file run.bat and copy it to the directory of your pdfs. Then double click it. It will rename all the files.


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    In Windows, you can use JScript/VBScript/HTA to solve this kind of problem.

    You can use FileSytemObject ActiveX Object to modifying files and folders.

    Of course you can do some simple parsing for the Excel's clipboard/exported text file.

    If you wanna do it quick and execute it fast I would recomended FBSL (Freestyle Basic Language)

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    To me this sounds like a job for a batch file/shellscript.
    While i like a shell for calling command or two, to me, scripting in it seems to be about as intuitive as malbolge.

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