Thread: How do you synchronize them?

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    Smile How do you synchronize them?

    1. You have a good design and concept.

    2. You already implement them in libraries/module/classes.

    3. You tested them(the input and output) in a console and they works well.

    4. How do you make an Graphical User Interface based on step 2, while the GUI has its design/algorithm itself?

    For instance,

    1. I already have a WayPoint Pathfinding design. This WayPoint is just like ordinary cartesians Point(x, y) structure except it has relationship to Link(a.k.a Edge) that links wayPointX to wayPointY ... wayPointZ. Or just call it a Graph xD.

    2. Yes, I already write them in Java, C(simplified OOP), C++(MSVC), Delphi and VB 2008 classes and modules.

    3. I tested the MotionGuide class, its job to find the shortest path(I named it MotionPath) from wayPointX to wayPointY. Multithreaded recursive, and it works very well.

    4. Now I want to visualize the WayPoint and Link class. Using Graphics Context. And the visualized WayPoint/Link has its additional properties such as rotations and bounds.



    You don't have to answer this question. Huh? I already know its answer by writing this thread LOL Thx!

    Just extends the WayPoint and Link class to support the GUI Context.
    Just GET it OFF out my mind!!

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    What you've done so far is the model.
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