Thread: SSD hard disc?

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    SSD hard disc?

    I'm thinking over an Christmas present for my eee pc 1000h netbook but unfortunately I'm not very up to date regarding consumer hardware. Shall I replace my 320gb harddrive with one of the new SSD hard drives?
    Would I get longer battery cycles?
    Would I get better read and/or write performance?
    If so, would I be able to really feel a performance boost on disc access?
    Could anyone suggest a model and/or brand?

    Thanks a lot!

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    1) Yes or no, SSDs will not give you much more battery life.
    2) Yes, you would.
    3) Uncertain. Looking for an answer to that one, too!

    Note also that SSDs have a shorter life-time than conventional HDDs. Typically 10.000 writes. But usually they are spread out evenly across the entire drive. Nevertheless, don't expect it to outlast a couple of years.
    Although, there are some that have about 100.000 writes. Research is your best friend!
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    Personally I avoid them, because they're not worth it at the moment IMO. The good ones are very, very expensive and the cheap ones are horrid.

    Buy a regular HDD

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    They are more for situations where the notebook may experience significant and frequent high G deceleration (i.e. get dropped and knocked about) e.g. combat or industrial environments. Until they fix the whole limited write cycles thing, I wouldnt get one, but thats just me. Once they figure otu infinite write cycles, its probably the way to go, as physically the drives are much mroe durable than a HDD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysia View Post
    Although, there are some that have about 100.000 writes. Research is your best friend!
    Most 2.5" SSD are 100,000 write/erase cycles these days. The only thing I can think of that still has a 10,000 write cycle SSD are netbooks. But those are not traditional SSDs.

    Even the more reasonable SSDs that are $70 for 30GB are significantly better performance than hard disks, have lower power consumption, and with 100,000 writes, will, under normal use, outlast most HDDs. There is nothing "horrid" about the cheap Solid State Drives. They still have about triple the read speeds and double the writes speeds of a traditional 2.5" HDD. The only real problem with them is the lack of a on-board cache which causes some lag and shuddering problems. This is not so difficult to resolve with a decent PCI-Express RAID card with an on-board cache. I've seen two OCZ Solid Series in RAID 0 on a $120 PCI-E RAID controller with read speeds at 290-300MB/s. For $260, that's impressive by any standards.
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