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    Visual Studio Setup

    I am trying to better work with visual studio for programming, as I just got pro edition, and I was wondering, well, how do you carry ideas such as the include path into the program.

    Normally I go to tools->configproperties->additional includes directories and hardcode the paths in, but this does not share very well.

    How should I create software where compiling it would be like saying 'make install' and allow me to automatically search for the includes and libraries I'm using?

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    In visual studio?
    No way that I'm aware. You can however share the project settings file which hopefully will help the user setup the project according to his environment. But he will still have to edit your paths.
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    in VS you have to add the additional include paths under

    Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->VC++ Directories

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    either ship your 3rd party includes/libs together with your code (add all what is needed for build to the repository for example) or use environment variables, for example &#37;BOOST% points to a folder that guess it. many libs are setting such environment variables during their install anyway.
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    Is there an 'nmake install' that adds to the path variable?

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