Thread: library/linking question - linux(ubuntu) specific

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    Smile library/linking question - linux(ubuntu) specific

    Hmm, I wasn't sure where to put this, I thought this might be the best place

    I installed wxWidgets using apt-get install then compiled an app using the command line adding

    `wx-config --cxxflags` `wx-config --libs`
    at the end of the command. It worked fine.

    I installed allegro the same way, in fact I followed this tutorial, and I get the following error msg

    g++: allegro-config --libs: No such file or directory
    Now I had a look in /usr/include and I can see SDL, GL, and wx sitting there, and all programs using those APIs are happily compiling, so what am I missing for allegro? I did a fair amount of googling, and even tried a manual install, but no luck. I'm still a linux n00b so I'm only really going by what I can find on the internet, which isn't much when it comes to allegro

    Any help would be much appreciated,


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    You have missed the back-quotes (`) that you need around the script/program that gives you the option sets/libs.

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    ah thanks, it appears to have fixed the problem. I thought they were just normal ' characters

    When I run this program from the command line (./alleg), it fills the whole screen, however when I double click on the app in the GUI file browser, the program is the correct size. Do you know of any reason this might be?

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