Thread: A quick question about notepad.

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    Cool A quick question about notepad.

    Hey, everybody!

    I have a really quick question: is there any limit to the size of a text file that notepad can open, other than RAM?

    I think everything below XP had something like a 32Kb limit, but I can't find anything that says if there is a limit on vista, and if so, what it is set to.

    Anyways, peace!

    -Lawn gnomusrex
    (I have a program that is going to end up creating huge text files, and I was just wondering about how large each file could be before opening and writing to a new one.)
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    There is no limit to the size fo text files, btu notepad may only be able to open a 2gb file, the per process limit. There are text editors out there that can open larger files because they only open teh portion you are viewing/editing.

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    Alright, thank you!

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    I tried opening a 12mb txt file in notepad the other day and finally had to cancel the "not responding" process.
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    > There is no limit to the size fo text files
    Actually, the file-system does have a limit for the size of files. Although this limit is huge, you would not be able to juggle a file that big in memory/disk :-)

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    It may posssibly depend on available ram. Notepad issue

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    Notepad is known to be inefficient to open large files, as well. You should use another editor to do that. Small files are fine.
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    Notepad2 opens files in a flash rather than the ordinary Notepad.
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    This sounds more like a Tech Board question than a Windows programming question, so I am moving this thread to the Tech Board.
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