Thread: Stop errors with 178.24 NVidia drivers

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    Stop errors with 178.24 NVidia drivers

    I am on a fresh install of XP and everything is working except I'm getting random blue screens coming from the nv4_disp.dll. It seems drivers between 169.21 and 178.24 are just horrible for my 7-series card.

    Anyone else have any issues with 178.24 drivers? Also digital vibrance seems to be completely broken.

    I've tried 175.19, 178.13, and 178.24 and they all blue screen intermittently. Prior to this no blue screens at all. Temps are great on both CPU and GPU and nothing is overclocked save for my video card which is O/C by default from BFG Tech. Corsair RAM timing is down to 3 CAS from 2.5 CAS.
    Computer does not blue screen in every game and never blue screens outside of a game or while developing for Direct3D.

    169.21 drivers worked like a charm so I might revert to those.
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    Sounds like time to bust out the old WinDBG
    	if (a) do { f( b); } while(1);
    	else   do { f(!b); } while(1);

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    Hehe. I just downgraded to 169.21 and digital vibrance is working. I'm not saying the two are connected in any fashion but I do know DV worked until just after 169.21

    My card is probably getting too old to support and not to mention that I believe NVidia is having a hard time supporting both Vista and XP and keeping both stable since they are vastly different.
    This is the first time I've had any blue screens with NVidia drivers. Hopefully I can hold out till Windows 7. I'm purchasing a new system here in about 6 months but I really don't want Vista on it.

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    Closed. This thread is so old that when you shake it dust comes out of it.

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