can anybody please help! i recently had to reinstall win2000 after a problem, computer works fine again now but on startup i just have the basic desktop,none of my shortcuts are there all of my installed programs and my usual 'My Documents folder' are viewable in the folder under c:\documents and settings etc, but they are not installed in this profile, equally the 'my documents' folder that i see is empty apart from a couple of default folders
can anybody tell me how i should now log on or what i need tio do? i have played with user privaleges but it does not seem to make any difference.

i know i see the other folders becuase i am logging in as admin, i only had this problem for an hour when i installed win2000 over my old win98, at that time i think i just changed something about the login and hey presto everything was there again, but i cannot remember what i did and i have tried allsorts, its cracking me up haha!

i realise this might not be appropiate thread on cboard.....