Thread: 3d model with lighting effects

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    3d model with lighting effects

    If anyone could point me in the right direction for my task at hand:

    What I want:
    • Take my company's 2-D logo and re-create it in a 3-d modeling program.
    • Render a texture map an image over part of the logo, which will change in opacity / fade in and out to other images.
    • Render random Panning / zooming or lighting effects.
    • Turn this into a Windows based screensaver.

    What I have:

    • No idea where to start. Besides creating the 3d model and exporting it as a DXF or what ever is used in this industry.
    • All the time in the world
    • No C programing expierence. only PHP, SQL and very little JAVA
    • A really good looking boss.

    Please do any of the following:
    • Point me toward some good resources.
    • Give me a quick synopsis of what I need to do.
    • Drop a few hints as to what I should export my model as, some keywords I should start 'googling'
    • What languages I should begin exploring and use.
    • Let me know if learning C is way too big of a step for what I am trying to accomplish.
    • Punch me in the face
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this have nothing to do with C++?

    Everything you need to do with the picture should be handled with a 3D model editor, and then a quick google session should tell you how to impliment it as a screensaver.

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