Thread: K8N NEO4 fan making noise... what does that chip do?

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    K8N NEO4 fan making noise... what does that chip do?

    I got the K8N NEO4 motherboard like you see here:

    The fan on the little chip is starting to go bad. But I'm curious what that chip is for. Is it the onboard graphics card or what?

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    Nah, this thing's got no onboard graphics, according to spec. It looks like a southbridge strategically positioned to provide additional cooling to the video card. It's unusual for a southbridge to require cooling, though.
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    It's a combined South and part-northbridge (since the other part of the northbridge is in the CPU), and I don't think it's unexpected that a dual-PCIe bridge would require a bit of cooling.

    If your box is running hot (that is, the ambient temperature in the box is above, say, 30'C, then you probably need a fan there). If the box isn't fully loaded and running cool, you can probably just have the heatsink [although I do not take any responsibility for that].

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    ya, it runs cool. only got a gforce 7800 GTX in it and an AMD 4000. Thanks for the info.

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