Thread: Why some linux shell doesn't support "Delete" Key?

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    Nope neither helps. I almost give up. Thank you anyway for the help.

    Quote Originally Posted by master5001 View Post
    It seems to me you should have been putting

    stty erase '~'
    But that is ok. Try doing an stty sane to default everything.

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    I am glad you gave up now... for I must be off. I will mess with it later. I am on the crappiest machine I have access to atm and am not going to telnet home from this crappy xp machine.

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    It produces ~ even in Terminal on OSX Tiger! Must be one of the dogmas related to early days of unix

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    Take a look at /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config or ~/.ssh2/ssh2_config report anything obvious here -- specifically SSH2_TTY

    It seems delete is being "escaped" with ~ (which is the default escape character for ssh) -- what a great help that was .
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