Thread: NFS and Non-Responsiveness

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    NFS and Non-Responsiveness

    I have 4 webservers serving content from an NFS mount on a RAID5 box. All FreeBSD.

    NFS Server:
    nfs_server_flags="-u -t -n 8"
    rpc_lockd_enable="YES" # Run NFS rpc.lockd needed for client/server.
    rpc_statd_enable="YES" # Run NFS rpc.statd needed for client/server.
    nfs_client_enable="YES" # This host is an NFS client (or NO).

    Webserver mounts using the fstab file

    Issue I recently had:

    The NFS server went down.
    I expect the webservers to not be able to serve content, but they all became non-usable as soon as i typed one of the following:

    df -h
    umount -f

    ...couldn't even reboot for crying out loud, network services turned off, but it wouldn't go all the way, so i had to drive to the datacenter and hard reboot.

    anyways, I can't imagine that a 'bad share' could take down such a great OS.

    Is there anything I can do to prevent this hangup in the future ?

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    How about holding a local cache on each server. How you did this could be up to you. It could be something simple like a web directory that gets rsync'ed at a regular interval. Then if the main server goes down the sync fails but the webservers keep going with the cached content.

    I doubt a failed share serving only web content should kill the system though

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