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    Hello, I will admit that I am completely new to this. While I can manage to maneuver around linux, flash and website design efficiently enough for my needs I have no idea how to start programming. However, I am committed to learning this and I am going to college for it. However, I have not started to learn any real programming yet. That said, I have the eager desire to start learning how to program and to start off I wish to design a program, or script, that will warn me that my proxy is not enabled in firefox. I am constantly disabling this for certain reasons and I always forget to re-enable it. Thus, I want a script, or program, to warn me whenever my proxy is disabled. I would like for this script to check this setting within firefox and warn me either at a set re-occuring interval, or every time I try to navigate to a different page. I am not asking for someone to spell out how I would do this, but simply help me get started by pointing me in the right direction. Useful information would include what language I should use, good getting started guides, and specific segments of code that I will need to learn in order to accomplish this. Also, just in case anyone is wondering, this will be for a windows environment.

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    I think you're overreaching for your first program. You should learn the basics of programming first and then try doing something complex...

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    For this, you'll need to write a Firefox plugin, so you'll need to learn JavaScript. If you already know ActionScript, that should be pretty easy to learn.
    Finding good information on Firefox's internals is a different issue.
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