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    Most challenging field

    What would be the most difficult field to code using c++?(games,OS's,networking apps,other)

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    If your asking what, in the face of the (next) best widely-used language tasked with the same goal, is c++ most deficient at (or lacks natively), then that would probably have to be GUIs; if only in comparison with the heavy-weights (Java/C#). Really though, If you contrast all languages there will always be some niche (or not-so-niche) application where invariably one will dominate over the others (i.e. perl/python and parsing, assembly and embedded, etc). But it's safe to say the contrast is not so much with c++ as in GUI implementation.

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    @nthony makes a good point.

    However, I think that difficulty in using a language for any particular purpose, aside from particular deficiencies in the language would be the knowledge and understanding of the problem area.

    If you know how to write OS code, then writing for OS code isn't going to be (very) difficult. Writing games have a completely different set of problems than OS writing, and network programming is yet another different set of problems to solve. Knowing how to solve all problems, at all levels, in all spheres [in sufficient detail to be REALLY good at it] would be difficult for most people.

    For example, when writing OS-code, an important factor to understand when you may have a race-condition between an interrupt and the rest of the kernel code, and to make sure that code works OK you'd have to use safe coding practices for "changes at different places" code. Most other problem spheres don't have to worry about that particular problem [there is some extent of it when running multithreaded code].

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    As a summary, the hardest things to do are the ones you've never done.
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