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    Video problems (data rate?)

    I'm having trouble making some home videos play correctly on a Power Book G4 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4. I have no access to that computer and will only be able to speak with this person next Monday. During the weekend I would like to see what I could do to minimize her pain.

    I have the videos encoded to the FLV format and placed on the web at, if you want to take a look (click 'Trabalhos' down the screen and then any of the purple thingies you see.) They are a sound studio with very cool folks. Those are their work.

    She reports all their Macs see the videos just fine, except the most of their Power Books G4 where the videos jitter and the sound keeps playing while the video is stopped becoming out of sync.

    I have no idea what to do. I suspect the data rate, maybe? The processor can't handle such high rates? The second movie with the children for instance is close to 1300 kB/s... 1166 kB video + 128 kB sound. Lowering the data rate to more manageable levels will do it?
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