Thread: I screwed my pendrive

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    Unhappy I screwed my pendrive

    I was trying to install Ubuntu Hardy on my 4 GB USB drive using this guide and screwed it.

    While installing I made two partitions exactly as suggested in that guide. I was not able to boot with the pendrive however, as it froze at the Ubuntu splash screen. So I decided not to experiment any more, booted into Mint and deleted the two partitions (using fdisk) and made a new one with starting cylinder 1 (default) and end cylinder 3841 (default).

    But now the drive properties say its only a 715 MB volume

    command line still says its 4 GB

    Any idea how to recover all the space?

    Tell me it can be recovered or not..I am soooooo depressed I screwed it. Its the only pendrive I have

    EDIT: Fixed using Gparted. I suck at CLI.
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