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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysia View Post
    Any discrete graphics card will beat up integrated any day. Well, especially if it isn't an nVidia integrated card.
    They both suck so bad, it won't make a difference. You won't be able to play any games from after 2003 in anything more than 1024*768 without going below 30FPS consistently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo1
    But seriously, which onboard graphics card is it?
    If I told you I don't know, would that surprise you?
    It was being advertised in the computer specifications at the shop as being a 7300 GS (512Mb). When I installed it with the shipping drivers, it said 7300 GS (128Mb) which is what shows during post. And now that I updated to the latest NVidia drivers, it is showing as 7300 SE / 7200 GS under Windows XP. I don't know anymore what I have...

    Edit: Bah! Misunderstood your question. The onboard card is a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (224Mb shared). Supports Pixel Shader 2.0 and DirectX 9.
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