Thread: Standby / Hibernation issue

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    As I said, it may be hardware dependent.
    Originally Posted by brewbuck:
    Reimplementing a large system in another language to get a 25% performance boost is nonsense. It would be cheaper to just get a computer which is 25% faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxorator View Post
    When those programs cannot turn my computer on from normal shutdown, it cannot do it for hibernation, because when I turn my computer on after hibernation I get the normal boot menu. Maybe it works on machines where hibernate doesn't really turn the computer off.
    Well, turning the computer On from hibernation ( S4 state ) after some time is very easy programaticly( if your motherboard support S4 state ), but turning the computer from the Shutdown State ( S5 ) is completly different and it can be done by modifying the RTC Alarm registers in the CMOS....

    Anyway, my computer is waking up alone from Standby and Hibernation , and that makes me crazy

    I am not using Wake-On-Lan or any Task Scheduler!

    Can you tell me please, if it is possible to find any Log entries under Windows about Wake Up reason??

    Mainboard : Asus P5B deluxe
    OS : Windows Xp Professional SP2

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