Thread: intel compilers for college students

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    intel compilers for college students


    I'm wondering if there are any free ways for college students to get the Intel Compiler Suite or some of its components. I know with MS theres the Academy Alliance along with something else I always forget for some colleges, does Intel have something similar? Are they one of those legendary companies that will give free stuff to poor students with a official looking request?

    I'm not technically sure if I can just go out and buy it as a student since I intend on using it on a lab computer(as in one I dont own but do have admin rights too). Better than a bootleg but licenses seem to scare everyone...


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    Why not use gcc?

    (but no I don't know of a way to get the Intel compilers for free)
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    You can get it free for 30 days.
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    The Linux compiler is free for Linux, though.
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