Thread: Converting Assembly to machine code. Help with Address modes

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    Converting Assembly to machine code. Help with Address modes


    I have a question and if anyone could assist me, it would be really appreciated.

    I am trying to convert the following line of Assembler code into machine code, but I am unable to understand how to choose the Source and Destination modes from my copy of the instruction set.

    The original instruction is:-

    MOVE.L #$D3A5, D2
    Starting with a 'blank':-

    0000 0000 0000 0000
    I added the MOVE part, leaving:-

    0000 0000 0000 0000
    I then added the .L (signifying a LONG WORD), leaving:-

    0010 0000 0000 0000
    Then I added the destination address (D2):-

    0010 0100 0000 0000
    But now I am stuck, I have the answer which is:-

    0010 0100 0011 1100

    My problem is that despite having a copy of the instruction set, I don't understand the notation used.

    I am aware that I am moving the data it'self in Hex format, but unfortunately this isn't bridging my gap in knowledge. The image below is a copy of the instruction set, but as I say, I do not understand the addressing mode's and so am not able to convert the last remaining parts of the assembler.

    If anyone could explain how to select the correct addressing modes so as to be able to finish to conversion to machine code I would be extremely grateful.

    Many thanks for any help!


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    OK, let's pick up more or less where you left off.

    0 0 10 010 000 000 000
    The source is #$D3A5.

    That looks like a possible memory address in hexadecimal. Looking through your addressing modes for source, there is only one marked as starting with a '#'. That option contains mode 111, and register 100. Thus, we have this:

    0 0 10 010 000 111 100
    Hope that helps.

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    I like the other style notation so much better.

    mov d2 , [D3A5]

    so much easier to read imo

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