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    Task list in VC 2005

    Is this broken in 2005? In 2003 the task list populates with comments from the entire solution as you compile. It also shows errors and groups them together which is nice. Hunting for errors in the Output window is a hideous task.


    Nevermind it appears that the error list has been given a separate window all it's own. However comments such as HACK and others that you may define will only appear for the file you have open in the IDE. In a solution with hundreds of files I don't find this to be very useful in 2005.

    It would also be nice if VS 2005 would tell you the warning number of the warnings it lists. That way if I want to disable it via #pragma I don't have to go looking through the docs to find it. I rarely use #pragma to disable warnings since warnings usually indicate a possible problem or gotcha. However it is nice sometimes to disable common warnings that mean next to nothing such as std::vector<> needs DLL-interface to be used by clients of 'X'. This warning is flagged regardless of whether or not you are actually exporting an instance of a template across a DLL boundary or not.
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