Thread: laptop problems?

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    laptop problems?

    my laptop keeps on freezing everytime I boot I cant format it coz i think it will freeze when Im doing I think its a hardware problem probably the memory what do u think?

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    Could be any out of 100s of different problems. Is this a NEW or an older machine?

    Does it just "stop" or does it show some message or some such?

    One of the things that can happen to PC's in general (and thus laptops) is that the connectors for the memory gets bad - try opening the memory slot on the back, take the memory out and stick it back in again.

    The other possible cause is that the processor gets too hot and the system just halts the processor to stop it from destroying itself or other parts of the system. If you feel brave (and I mean Brave), you could take the machine apart and check that the heatsink, ventilation and fan bits are working as they should and not clogged with dust or something like that. But don't moan at me if you break something in the process - laptops are not built to be taken apart and put back together.

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