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    Linux problems

    I'm still a biginer with linux, so if anyone can help...

    I am trying to compile a driver for my WLAN card that uses the rt2500 driver. Per the readme file that came with the driver I navigated to the driver directory and entered "make" but it gives me the error

    "No rule to make target '/lib/modules/2.4.26/build/Rules.make'. Stop."

    I have confirmed that there is no directory "/lib/modules/2.4.26/build"

    I am running the current version of DSL which uses the 2.4.26 kernel. DSL comes with a very minimal set of utilities, and does not even come with make. So I download gcc1 and gnu-utils and got make working, now I think there may be some other resources I need, but I am not sure.

    Any one have any ideas?
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    Sounds like "hours of fun". Maybe you want to try a distro that has a package for this driver.

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