Thread: DEV C++ Limitations?

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    DEV C++ Limitations?

    Using DEV C++ am I limited to text based games?

    I will be getting VC++ later this month but I will be practising stuff using DEV C++ until then. I know I can create graphical games via draging and droping with visual type compilers. I have used 2 different ones before, I made a smily face program.

    I bought a Borland one and used Delphi 6 at college.

    I have made several text based games using DEV C++ but I am getting slightly bored and want to use graphics.

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    Using DEV C++ am I limited to text based games?
    No, DevC++ is just like any other C/C++ compiler. With that being you are going to have to use an API. C/C++ doesn't have an integrated graphics library. So that means whether you are using VC++, DevC++, Borland, or anything else you are going to have to use an API to enable real graphics. There are many many API choices out there. With the most popular ones being Allegro, SDL, DirectX, and OpenGL. Do a search for them on this board (or google) and you'll be able to find a ton of information about each of them.

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    I found Allegro the easiest to get running with Dev C++

    SDL, i couldnt get to work

    But Allegro seems better anyway So check it out. Search the boards for info and links.

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    Well, to start with Dev-C++ is not a compiler. It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The compiler that comes with Dev-C++ is MinGW, a Windows port of GCC, which just about every Unix developer uses (or has at some point). So as far as limitations go, you can do whatever you want with it. For starting out with graphics I recommend using Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). It uses OpenGL as it's 3D component and is very easy to use (it is more than just a graphics library). Not quite as extensive as DirectX but with the extra libraries available (like fonts, audio, and networking) it has plenty of potential power.
    If you need any help setting up SDL just let me know. I'd be more than happy to help.
    I use MSVC++ 6 (an excellent IDE) for development, then for releases I use the GCC command line tools. The nice thing is that if you ever decide to work in a Unix environment (which includes Linux, BSD, etc) you're already familiar with the tools.

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