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  1. algorithm for duplicate file checking help


    I'm trying to figure out how most duplicate file finder programs do the actual comparison of files (algorithm). I tried to start REALLY simple and figure an algorithm out on my...
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    depth-first traversal of directories

    Some code I whipped up in about an hour to do a depth-first traversal of given directory. Was wondering if anyone can critique this code and maybe suggest some things to do differently, etc. Am I...
  3. thanks everyone! I think what it may be is that...

    thanks everyone! I think what it may be is that I may not be traversing links. It's strange, because It works on most directories without special files. Being sort of naive about Linux file types...
  4. made a litte filecounting and byte tallying program ...

    Made this utility to count all files recursively through directories and give a total of bytes used and would like any criticism as to how it could be more efficient, etc. Also,...
  5. thanks MK27. Will that algorithm also handle all...

    thanks MK27. Will that algorithm also handle all sub-directories infinitely underneath the directory in question?
  6. build tree of directories sub-directories using linked-lists


    I'm trying to design an algorithm that I could use in various programs under linux using readdir(), opendir(), etc. and create linked-lists of all the files in directories and...
  7. Building a tree from a directory structure


    I'm designing (or trying) a program that will be command line on linux/unix that
    checks for duplicate files. I'm coding a function that will take argv[1] - argv[n] and build
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    checking file type from C program


    How come when I use readdir() to read each file in a directory the d_type field is
    always NULL? Isn't it supposed to be different for different file types?

    Also is there...
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