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    Reading Meata data from TDMS

    I have a question about NI's .tdms file reading....

    I read the TDMs File's Internal Structure on NI Website. and i wrote some codes in order to convert .TDMS files into .txt files.
  2. Thank you Salem! I saw your 2016 reply...

    Thank you Salem!

    I saw your 2016 reply including that thread your knowledge is very helpful!
    (Reading specific data from TDMS files)

    thanks to your advise I got a good idea. your advise...
  3. Reading specific data from TDMS files save it as a text File

    Hi everyone. it is almost end of the year!
    are you guys having a good time?

    I am trying to build a function that can read specific data that i want from TDMS files, and save the data in...
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