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  1. Zip Update

    This is an updated version of my zip as edited in response to advice from many good people on two other threads.
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    Thanks for the advice, novacain - I do some...

    Thanks for the advice, novacain - I do some double buffering, as you can see with my calls to CreateCompatibleDC in my code, and bypass the message queue when my program updates itself by writing a...
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    Thanks a lot, anonytmouse and salem! I'll remove...

    Thanks a lot, anonytmouse and salem! I'll remove that extra new command, and replace all that code with for loops and function calls!
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    Thanks a lot, anonytmouse! I'll get my program to...

    Thanks a lot, anonytmouse! I'll get my program to do that.
  5. I'm Back with my source code!

    Hi! I'm back, and since I'm at home I have Winzip, so I'll include one zip called Adventurer (WIn).zip. It contains all my programs files. If someone has any idea what's up with my program, please...
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    Unknown GDI Object Leak in Paint Routine

    Hi. I don't know why, but unless I delete a HBitmap twice my paint routines leak GDI Objects. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Here's the code -
    case WM_PAINT:
    /*Called when the...
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    Unknown Memory Leak in Init() Function

    I have a memory leak in this init function somewhere. I've looked through it again and again but I can't find it! Someone, please help!
    extern void Init();

    /* Initialises the program */
  8. Thanks again, anonytmouse

    Thanks - I didn't spot that bug in my code! Next time I start a program, I won't use dynamic allocation unless I have to. I'm putting the other threads up now.

    The loading works like saving now,...
  9. Thanks a lot, anonytmouse. But I still can't make it work.

    Thanks a lot for the help! My program's saves are working again!

    I've changed my code round a lot, and it doesn't crash anymore! Unfortunately, it now cannot load any files outside of a...
  10. Thanks, anonytmouse.

    Thanks, anonytmouse.
  11. Code for Saving and Loading

    Here s my code for saving and loading. -

    {case M_SAVE: if(!Battle){

    szFileName[0] = '\0'; /* Puts a blank in front of the filename...
  12. Major Problems with GetSaveFileName() and GetOpenFileName()

    Help! I'm new to this forum, and have been all over the web looking for a solution to the problems in my code. I know there are a lot of requests here, but if you could help with just one of them it...
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