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  1. how to count number of strings being used in an array of strings

    hi everyone, my title seems confusing but i didnt know how to word it any other way so ill explain it a bit better here.

    i have declared an array of strings to be,dir[30][13]. Now my program is...
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    im having a hard time understanding whats going...

    im having a hard time understanding whats going on in your rotates. could you explain it a bit further for me please?
    All the instructions are the same size, they are below.

    Brookshear machine...
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    Simulating a "brookshear machine"

    Hi everyone, can someone please help me in understanding how to increment the pc counter and where to put my printf's in my code. This assignment is giving me some trouble. heres the question.
  4. i moved the power1=power1/2 like oogabooga...

    i moved the power1=power1/2 like oogabooga sugegested and made which[1] to which[8] and now it works like a charm. thanks heaps guys. took me about 3 hours and to finally have the answer feel awesome.
  5. thanks mk27, I should have cleared this up before...

    thanks mk27, I should have cleared this up before i posted the question.

    my lecturer wants us to use gets because of a program he uses to test all the programs he receives. im unsure of what you...
  6. Help please. Why is a 0 printing out instead of the 10 I want?

    can someone please help with the last couple lines of my code(60-85). In short im trying to convert a decimal to binary. specifically the number 10. but when i input 10 and then printf it to try and...
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