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  1. Turns out it wasn't just any old error; it was a...

    Turns out it wasn't just any old error; it was a stupid error.

    The program now compiles, but doesn't print the sentence. It doesn't even print the appropriate newlines.
  2. Program to convert spaces to newlines doesn't compile

    This is my whole file that I'm trying to compile:

    #include <stdio.h>

    static int MAXIM = 100;
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    Why do I need arrays?

    So I'm starting to learn C (again again, hopefully I don't quit this time), and I can't understand the use of arrays.

    Don't get me wrong, I know how to use an array. I just don't understand why I...
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    About the formatting, it's actually formatted...

    About the formatting, it's actually formatted right in my editor. Not sure what's wrong with the forum post.I definitely will read these. But until I'm done with them, what does writing main(void)...
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    Using a function to print to a file

    I just started out with C programming. I've read a few basic tutorials.OK, so I nabbed some code from this very website which prints a file.
    void printfile() { int c; FILE *file; file =...
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